Create And Intimate Bond With Your Partner Using Erotic Role Play

Adult role play is actually an excellent way to get to know each other on a deeper level. By divulging your secret fantasies it allows you to reveal a side of yourselves that otherwise you may not reveal. And by acting out these fantasies you improve your bond and intimacy while spicing up your relationship at the same time.

Sexual role play can even strengthen and develop your communication as a couple. If you are in a new or newish relationship you may still be feeling a little shy about asking him to touch you in a certain way or to try a certain position. However, when you’re dressed as a sexy cop, all of a sudden it becomes a lot easier to take on another persona and command your dirty criminal to please you only on your terms.


If you are keen to give it a go but are unsure how to role play it’s really quite easy. All you need is a bit of imagination, a character in mind, role play costumes and off you go. But if you think your man needs some convincing, try persuading him with thoughts of you in various sexy costumes. Most men have a favourite superhero from childhood so even the shyest men can usually be persuaded to give it a go when you’re planting images of a sexy super hero in his head. Then encourage him to express his fantasies by telling him how hot he would look in a certain outfit and how much it would turn you on to see him like that.

When you’re ready to give sexual role play a go, some couples will have no trouble getting in to the full swing of things. But if you’re both a bit shy and not quite sure where to start, begin by thinking of your favourite movie or love scene that you would love to act out. If you are unsure what to say use the dialogue from the movie to get you going. It might seem cheesy at first, but once you get in to character it will become a lot easier. A cheeky drink together can also help to take the edge off but remember, it’s just a bit of fun so have a laugh together and enjoy it.

Sexual role play can quite literally help you strip away your inhibitions in the bedroom. Approach it with a sense of humour and as a fun game played just between the two of you. Escaping in to a world of make believe for an hour or two within the safe environment of your home will not only do wonders for relieving the stress and monotony of daily life but also keep your relationship strong by keeping your sex life healthy.